How to create marketing materials for your restaurant with Canva

Having eye-catching flyers, table cards, and social media posts for your restaurant are great ways to promote new menu items, upcoming events, and features such as online ordering and delivery.
Don’t have a designer on staff? No problem. Programs like Canva make it easy for anyone to create professional, print-ready marketing pieces for your restaurant.

Canva is free to use, and upgrading for a small monthly fee gets you access to premium templates, features, and more.


Let me show you how easy it is to create a post for social media pages like Facebook and Instagram. On the home page, select Create a design and choose from dozens of pre-sized designs. Can’t find the size you want? Select Custom dimensions in the upper right-hand corner to create a custom design.


Located in the left-hand column menu, design tools include TemplatesElementsTextBackground, and Uploads.

Templates | Premade designs submitted by other Canva users can spark new ideas or simply be edited and ready to go.

Elements | Grids, photos, icons, frames, and anything else you need to make your design stand out.

Text | Choose from several premade font-pairings, or create your own with hundreds of fonts.

Background | Canva provides a variety of patterns, images, and solid colors to spruce up your piece’s background.

Uploads | Here you can upload your own images, logos, etc. to personalize your design.

To begin you can use a premade template, or start from scratch by selecting your own background colors, images, grids, and frames.

For this example, I made a social media post announcing Open Bistro’s new delivery feature. By choosing an image of pizza from the Elements tab, I created the background. Dragging the image over to your workspace will automatically size it to fit the background. You can edit the positioning by double-clicking on the image.

Each element has its own option menu where you can adjust the color, filter, arrangement, and more. This menu is located directly above your design and is only available when the element is selected.

Next, I added text. In the text’s option menu, you can edit the font, size, color, arrangement, spacing, etc. Automatic guidelines make it easy to align and center text. 

I wanted the text to stand out, so from the Elements tab, I selected Shapes and added a solid box. From the box’s option menu, I positioned the box behind the text by choosing Position and Backward, and lowered the transparency to 70%. Finally, I uploaded Open Bistro’s logo to the Uploads tab and added it to my design.

Once your design is complete, you can download it as a PNG, JPG, PDF Standard, or PDF Print file. You can also publish directly to any of your social media pages by connecting one or more of your accounts.

Designs meant for print should always be downloaded as a PDF Print file. This ensures your design is downloaded at 300 dots per inches (dpi). Click here for more information on print quality.

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