Integration with Ordermark Brings efficiency to your restaurant’s operations

Are you currently experiencing “Tablet Hell” at your restaurant?

Are you bogged down by multiple tablets to manage your online ordering solutions?

Do you constantly feel overwhelmed and disorganized?

We know how you feel, so we found a solution for that.

Open Dining has partnered with Ordermark to bring organization and efficiency to your restaurant’s operations.

Ordermark allows online orders from many sources, such as third-party marketplaces, to be sent to a single printer. This allows you to consolidate operations and reach more customers without adding a series of cumbersome tablets.

Ordermark simplifies your restaurant’s operations by:

⦁ Eliminating complicated technology to boost revenue and reduce mistakes.
⦁ Optimizing your restaurant’s performance by analyzing cross-platform data to make better inventory, menu, staffing, and advertising decisions.
⦁ Acting as a single point of contact for menu changes, hour updates, closures, and more.
⦁ Are you an existing Open Dining customer with an Ordermark printer? 

Click here for a guide to enabling the integration.

Not an Open Dining customer? 

Contact our sales to get started!

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