Open dining is acquired by Paytronix to create a frictionless guest experience

Ten years ago, we started Open Dining with a vision to bring a full-featured online ordering solution to the SMB restaurant space. By working with our customers and partners, we’ve built exactly that – a world-class order & delivery solution. After powering millions of orders and creating real value for our customers throughout the continued evolution in restaurant technology, Open Dining is evolving, too. 

Today, I’m excited to announce that Open Dining has been acquired by Paytronix Systems, Inc. Paytronix provides an industry-leading customer experience management platform that includes loyalty, CRM, and stored-value. The platform is used by more than 400 brands from local and regional independents to technology-leading chains like Panera Bread. Both the product and the team behind it are a natural and strategic fit with Open Dining. Together we’ll bring a fully-integrated solution to the restaurant and convenience store spaces.

What is known as the Open Dining product will become Order & Delivery, a feature set within the Paytronix platform. This new solution will result in even faster innovations, an exceptional loyalty integration, and many more features to come that will enhance the guests’ experience while presenting opportunities to expand check sizes.  

We appreciate the support our customers have given throughout the years and look forward to continuing to provide value for many more years to come.

More information about the acquisition can be found here.

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