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These videos provide an overview of our online ordering platform for restaurants, including a demonstration of the customer ordering experience, a look at the additional features built into our system, and a walk-through of the admin dashboard.

  • Video #1
    How Does Open Dining Work?
    • Enable ordering via multiple platforms.
    • Process orders seamlessly.
    • Process payments instantly.
    • Retain customers using designated tools.
  • Video # 2
    Digital Ordering Menu
    • Keep the focus on your business and brand with custom logos, artwork, and photos.
    • Include various modifiers and options with our user-friendly ordering interface.
    • Store payment information so customers don’t have to go digging for it.
    • Make the ordering process a breeze for repeat customers.
  • Video #3
    Placing an Order
    • Boost order size and profit margin with our cross-sell feature.
    • Automatically quote your customers with accurate lead times using our order timing tools.
    • Let your customers place orders in advance.
    • Require all orders to be prepaid online, or allow your customers to pay in person.
    • Receive your orders at the restaurant via POS integration, tablet, or other methods.
  • Video #4
    Admin Dashboard, Settings, and Other Features
    • Customize your digital ordering to fit your operation.
    • Quickly and easily make changes to your restaurant’s settings and preferences.
    • Access all of your digital ordering stats through reporting features.
    • Manage your menu using our user-friendly menu dashboard.
    • Use custom delivery zones to quote different fees and times based on a customer’s location.
  • Video #5
    Customer Retention and Marketing
    • Connect with your customers – even those who haven’t ordered from you online – via email marketing.
    • Create and manage coupons that you can share with your customers.
    • Use automated emails with tailored messaging to engage your customers.
    • Issue loyalty rewards to thank your regulars for their ongoing patronage and keep them coming back.
    • Manage customer relationships with the help of feedback surveys.
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Open Bistro Interactive Demo

Take us for a test drive! Check out our user-friendly ordering interface and place as many orders as you like. You’ll see how quick and easy it is for your customers to do digital ordering.

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