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Opening Dining's online ordering system can accept delivery orders without changing how restaurants currently operate.

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Delivery Doordash
Get your food to customers through your own fleet or DoorDash:

Adding delivery to your services will increase the number of off-premises orders. To make delivery work perfectly for your restaurant, you can set custom:

  • Delivery zones
  • Fees
  • Time estimates

Take orders with your Open Dining site and use your preferred fleet provider to get your food in the hands of your customers at their convenience. Competitive delivery fees are available.

Delivery Control Fees
Control fees:

Offering delivery through third-party services is expensive – for both your restaurant and your customers. You control how the delivery fee is split with the customer. You can automatically adjust your customers’ delivery fees based on variables that include:

  • Order
  • Size
  • Day

A 24x7x365 support line is available to help with any live delivery issues.

We have been using Open Dining for over a year now for our online ordering for takeaways including delivery. I am very happy with it. I was able to set it up myself and our customers love its ease of use. We have gained many loyal customers who love the service and I find the reporting feature very useful.

Nick Boyes, EasyGo Thai Restaurant
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