Sales-boosting tools

We’ve designed features specifically for restaurants to increase ticket size and promote repeat sales.

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Sales Tools Cross Selling
Intelligent cross selling and upselling:

Want fries and a Coke with your burger? The best way to increase ticket size is to suggest relevant pairings as your customer orders. Our online ordering system learns customer preferences and automatically tunes itself over time to suggest the most successful items.

Sales Tools Coupons

Issue and accept coupons and special offers for payment. Discounts can be applied to line items or the full check – it’s your call.

Sales Tools Email Reminders
Email reminders:

Send targeted emails to your customers to improve retention and loyalty. Some examples include:

  • If it’s a customer’s first order, send a thank-you note that asks how the experience was.
  • If a customer hasn’t ordered in 30 days, send a special deal to prompt a return.
  • When a customer spends over $1,000 across all orders, send a coupon that recognizes such great loyalty.
Sales Tools One Button
One-button reorder:

Let’s face it – sometimes people just want what they always get. We make it easy for customers to order “the usual” with just a few clicks, and by saving a card on file, they can skip having to enter payment information as well.

Sales Tools Analytics

Your reporting dashboard gives you historical reports and actionable information for improving your menu and service. You can view trends, top items, and lists of your best and newest customers. Insights about your sales funnel can also be gained as customers go through the ordering process.

Sales Tools Guest Recovery
Guest recovery:

The turnkey FEEDback℠ tool automatically surveys guests to solicit feedback on their experience, and responses are shared with operators in real time. If scores are low, issues are addressed and the manager can simply click a button to send an apology message, which may include a special guest-recovery offer.

To have realtime sales data... and the remarketing capabilities to reach back out to those customers is priceless.

Luke Jackson, Franchise Representative - Johnny's Pizza
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