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Whether you’re pairing with an existing product or service or creating a brand-new offering, digital ordering is a great way to drive revenue and deliver value for your customers.

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Common Questions

Typically, all aspects of our system are branded with Open Dining’s information, including notifications to the restaurant (faxes, emails, etc.). We can rebrand or de-brand any of the following components for you:

  • Administrative back-office interface
  • Order notifications: faxes, emails, SMS messages, phone calls
  • POS integration apps
  • Windows and receipt printer apps
  • Facebook app for restaurant pages

We’ve seen a number of successful pricing structures. They usually involve one or more plans with varying components:

  • Flat monthly fees
  • Flat per-order fees
  • Per-order fees for certain features (e.g., phone, fax)
  • Fees based on a percentage of each order
  • Graduated monthly fees for “brackets” of orders (e.g., $10/month for 50 orders, $20/month for 150 orders, etc.)

In general, the pricing structure should be kept as simple as possible.

We recommend that you establish a merchant account for billing purposes and use a third-party billing system such as Recurly.

If you don’t want to set up a merchant account, you can always bill your customers with standard invoices.

Generally speaking, we support you and you support your customers. For installations (POS integrations) or technically challenging issues, we can get directly involved where necessary without disclosing the Open Dining brand.

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